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50 Ways to Enjoy Christmas

1) Start your holiday preparations early.

2) Create new traditions.

3) Go to a Christmas-tree farm and cut your own tree.

4) Make a to-do list and set priorities.

5) Do things that you know you'll enjoy.

6) Enjoy the little things.

7) Take kids to see The Nutcracker.

8) Create Holiday magic.

9) Create family time.

10) Go caroling.

11) Order from catalogs.

12) The holidays are not just about gift-giving. There's singing, dancing, feasting and religious worship.

13) Read about the birth of Jesus in Luke chapter 2.

14) Give to your favorite charity.

15) Smile at everyone.

16) Buy ornaments for each of your children.

17) Buy presents for needy families.

18) If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation.

19) Visit a local nursing home.

20) Treat yourself.

21) The best thing to give is Love.

22) Inspect Christmas-tree lights before decorating.

23) Avoid mindless eating.

24) Jot down everything you want to accomplish.

25) Create a holiday ritual.

26) Have a cookie exchange with friends.

27) Use pre-made cookie dough.

28) Take a decorated Christmas tree to someone in the hospital.

29) Create your own gifts.

30) Rent a Christmas movie. It's a Wonderful Life.

31) Get a family portrait for Christmas cards.

32) Build happy memories for the future.

33) Create joy for your children.

34) Make snow angels.

35) Don't give kids too many toys.

36) Don't forget to hang the mistletoe.

37) Don't do it all yourself.

38) Find simple ways to be good to yourself.

39) Do good deeds.

40) Let the kids wrap gifts.

41) Remember the true meaning of Christmas.

42) Participate in religious activities.

43) Limit TV watching.

44) Begin an ornament collection.

45) Spend time with your pet.

46) Giving is better than receiving.

47) Take a moment to give thanks.

48) Make the world a better place.

49) Don't overspend on your kids' gifts.

50) Remember to take holiday photos.