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10 Ways to Get Your Wings...

  • 1. Say grace before eating Christmas dinner.

  • 2. Pay the highway toll for a car behind you, and yell "Merry Christmas."

  • 3. Ask a nursing home if you can be a Christmas "buddy" to a lovely senior.

  • 4. Offer to babysit for a single mother so she can go shopping or have time to herself.

  • 5. Give someone a gift that meets a need, and do it anonymously.

  • 6. Adopt a needy family through a local church, and make it a Christmas to remember.

  • 7. Organize a "Christmas-dinner" canned goods drive in your office.

  • 8. Practice forgiveness this holiday season until you get it right.

  • 9. E-mail Christmas greetings to strangers and sign them "Santa."

  • 10. Make someone's Christmas the best ever.

- Scott Mathews and Barbara Alpert, How to be a Christmas Angel