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Holiday Countdown

Weeks till Christmas

    November 5-11

  • Mark all special dates for the season on your calendar - school and church concerts, parties, school vacations.
  • Start collecting a basketful of inexpensize stocking-stuffers and small gifts for children and unexpected guests.
  • Plan menu for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Avoid last-minute searching: Gather your favorite holiday recipes and keep them in a pretty envelope. Make a list, with page numbers,of recipes in books. Note which can be made ahead.
  • Special-order goose, game or fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.
    Make a list of ingredients for Thanksgiving and Christmas baking; buy everything now to save time and money.

    November 12-18

  • Order catalog gifts now: Most take from 4 to 6 weks to arrive.
  • Buy the Christmas turkey for your freezer, if you have space.
  • Decide what holiday decorations you're going to make rather than buy. This way, you'll have plenty of time ot work on them.

    November 19-25

  • Get some of your gift shopping done early at church bazaars and school fairs.
  • Buy Christmas cards - and stamps.
  • To cut down on returns, update clothing sizes for everyone on your gift list.

    November 26 - December 2

  • Send invitations out for Christmas and holiday parties.
  • Make fruitcakes and plum puddings.
  • Make and freeze baked goods for having and giving.
  • Make and freeze hors d'oeuvres and casseroles.
  • Plan menus for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and for parties.
  • Special-order goose, game or fresh turkey for Christmas dinner.
  • Plan time for a special holiday outing or activity with each of your children.

    December 3-9

  • Schedule beauty appointments - haircut, perm, manicure, etc.
  • Stock up on canned and frozen foods, crackers and chips for instant snacks.
  • Make pie shells and freeze.
  • Wrap and tag presents as you buy them.

    December 10-16

  • Take a look at your tablecloths - do you see any burn holes? Stains? Fix, clean, iron now.
  • Arrange to exchange babysitting time with another mother so each of you will have free shopping hours.
  • Are there any items on your mail-order lists that haven't arrived yet?
  • Do you have all your beverage supplies - alcoholic and non-alcoholic, mixers, sodas?
  • Buy batteries for presents that need them.
  • Decorate and hang your door wreaths.

    December 17-24

  • Do your indoor decorating. Remember to put holiday towels in the bathroom, a decoration in the kitchen and in the guest room.
  • Freeze extra bags of ice cubes.
  • Buy tree and store it temporarily in a bucket of water in the garage.
  • Test tree lights.
  • Do you have graham crackers or cookies for Santa's snack?