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Holiday Suggestions

  • Treat everyone in your life with patience and love, and count your blessings daily.

  • Brighten up someone's holiday.

  • Shop catalogs, the Internet and home shopping networks to avoid stress.

  • Give guests a warm welcome by offering them a cup of hot cider when they arrive.

  • When guests offer to bring a dish - let them.

  • Hook Christmas lights to a timer that turns them on at dusk and off at bedtime.

  • Don't forget the most important person on your shopping list: you!
  • Decorate with family treasures.

  • Begin an ornament collection for your child.

  • Keep the old traditions.

  • Inspect Christmas-tree lights.

  • Buy plenty of film to capture Christmas celebrations.

  • Tie big bows with belts knotted at the ends around door knobs. Every time someone walks into the room, you'll hear the sound of Christmas.

  • Reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

  • String fresh cranberries and popcorn on thread and decorate an outdoor tree.

  • Be prepared for short-notice visitors. Stash away a basket of gourmet hot chocolate mix, pretty napkins, fancy crackers, a spread and a tin of cookies.

  • Save alcohol calories this season-- volunteer to be the designated driver.