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How does Santa visit the whole world in one night?

        This is possibly the second most frequently asked question about Santa. Again, the answer may surprise you.

        Almost everybody thinks about how fast Santa must have to work to accomplish as much as he does in one evening. Focusing on speed is a big mistake and it's where most Yuletide logic takes a wrong turn. Santa accomplishes his work in just the opposite manner!

        He has the unique ability to stop time wherever he may be at the moment.

        This allows him to travel from place to place at a speed of his own choosing, to remain there for as long as is necessary to accomplish his tasks, and to leave without having perceptible disturbed time as mortals might measure it.

        Many people have come closer t the truth than they knew when saying, "Santa does his work in the blinking of an eye." Although to Santa it's much more leisurely than that.

        You already know (or are able to calculate) how fast Santa and his Reindeer can travel. Now, you knw how he visits the whole world in one night.

        With that knowledge, you probably won't be surprised to learn that he's never even come close to being late for the special breakfast Mrs. Claus cooks for him and the Elves each Christmas morning.

    ~ Bob Litak, 101 Questions About Santa Claus

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