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The Scent of Christmas

    I love the smells of Christmas that abound this time of year:
    the smell of cookies baking as mulled cider scents the air;
    the smell of turkey roasting and of chestnuts on the fire,
    the sound of churchbells tolling as snowflakes frost the spire.

    I love the smells of Christmas, when joy perfumes the air--
    of John with brown eyes shiny bright and Al with golden hair.
    They smell of fresh-scrubbed faces as they tumble into bed,
    while thoughts of toys and Christmas plays
    go rushing through their head.

    I love the smells of Christmas--the fragrance of the tree,
    the scent of fir and pinecones bringing memories back to me:
    of Christmas past and present, of a childhood long since passed,
    of gifts received and given and of Christmas joys amassed.

    Lord help me give my children that which was given me:
    Christmas as a time when dreams came true beneath a tree.
    When life was filled with happiness, goodwill was felt by all,
    And the house was filled with food and drink
    for friends who came to call.

    God bless the Ghost of Christmas Past and may he come again,
    to rest in warmth and comfort in the hearts of all good men.
    May your Christmas be a merry one, and the New Year happy, too.
    May the spirit of this season fill your life the whole year through.

    ----By Rebecca McPheters