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Stress-Free Holidays

If you think you can't possibly bake one more cookie, write one more holiday card, or buy one more gift, you are not alone! Many women feel stressed during the Christmas rush. Here, four rules to help you cope:

    1. Leave time for simple holiday pleasures.
    Escape from "buying" aspects of the holidays; try to participate more in religious activities, caroling, etc.

    2. Give yourself plenty of time to get things done.
    Being rushed is the biggest cause of stress, so be sure to start your holiday preparations early.

    3. Don't feel like a failure if you don't get everything done.
    Your kids won't care if you make "slice and bake" cookies instead of having to bake them from scratch.

    4. Enlist lots of help.
    It's impossible to do everything yourself, so ask your family to pitch in too. They can do some shopping, help write cards, and wrap gifts.