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Time for Christmas

    Christmas is a time of anticipation,
    When hope becomes a shinning star,
    When children's wishes become prayers,
    And days are X'ed on calendar.

    Christmas is a time for healing,
    When disagreers and dissagreements meet,
    When long-time wounds are mended
    And love moves hatred to retreat.

    Christmas is a time for patience,
    When we try anew to mold
    Our lives in the image of Him
    Whose birthday we uphold.

    Christmas is a time for giving,
    The Wise Men brought their best,
    But Christ showed that the gift of self
    Will out-give all the rest.

    Christmas is a time for understanding
    People and customs throughtout the world,
    When all-too-brief a season,
    The banner of peace is unfurled.

    Christmas is a time for children
    No matter what their age,
    Spirit is the only ticket,
    And heart the only gauge.

    Christmas is a time for learning,
    A time when new truths unfold,
    And not-so-innocent children
    Often teach the old.

    Christmas is a time for sharing,
    A time for needy hands to clasp,
    A time for stretching out in faith
    With a reach that exceeds our grasp.

    Christmas is a time for love,
    A time for inhibitions to shed,
    A time for showing that we care,
    A time for words too long unsaid.

    Christmas is a time to remember
    Timeless stories from days of yore,
    A time to ponder what's ahead,
    A time to open another door.

    ~ Fred Bauer ~