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The Wise Men's Journey

    "Our journey to see the King of kings was long and difficult.

        "It began several years ago before His birth. One night, we caught sight of a new star, which set us thinking. We pride ourselves in knowing about these things, but this was different. After so much study in the ancient lore of our people, we came to the conclusion that its appearance was a very special sign.

        "It meant a king was to be born to the Jewish people - a king so great that His rule would extend over the whole earth. We realized at once that we must visit Him and offer Him our allegiance. A king special enough to be announced by the stars must be great indeed.

        "The journey took us more than a year. We arrived in the capital, Jerusalem, travel weary and with no idea where to go next. Naturally we presented ourselves at the palace. But this was to prove a mistake. King Herold knew nothing of the new prince.

        "But his advisers directed us to Bethlehem, once the home of Israel's greatest king, David.

        By this time we were fast losing confidence in our quest. Then suddenly, to our amazement, we saw the star. The very same star that had called us to the journey. We sped on to the town and found the baby boy with His mother Mary.

        "Of course we had brought gifts, which we laid at His feet. At the time we had no way of knowing what kind of king He would be, nor whom He would rule. But we were sure we had found the chosen one."